LETTER: Thanks from Australia for helping when I lost my wallet


I lost my wallet; cash and cards, a daunting feeling 10,000 miles from home.

I’m afraid I panicked a bit with my first thought ‘how do I cancel Australian cards in Boston?’. The people in Shephard’s Bakery were a great help, the lady who found the wallet in WH Smith and handed it in, the staff in WH Smith and the policeman who returned it to me all have my heartfelt thanks.

I’m even prepared to thank Sgt Joynes for his lighthearted threat to book me for littering. Again, thanks to all concerned. My wife and I have really enjoyed our short stay in Boston.

We are in the area as an early ancestor of mine, Cornelius Mettam and Alice Barron came from Donington and Boston.

Mark Jolly

NSW Australia