LETTER: Very expensive bridge has been left to get in poor state


I have noticed recently the poor state of our nearly new, very expensive, footbridge.

It looked good when new, but is now covered with green algae which rather spoils the look.

I got in touch with the county council, whose responsibility it is and was told they were aware of the problem but budgeting meant it was a low priority so would probably be another year before they would even think about getting round to it. Britcon, who built the bridge says it cost £750,000.

Well, what a pity nobody in their extremely well paid jobs thought to cost in the occasional scrub. I suggest they repaint it the same colour as the algae so then we shan’t notice!

There are many things in Boston that public bodies are simply not maintaining, for example the railings along the Maud Foster Drain near our mill haven’t been painted for years and this is in a conservation area, where rates are higher.

Interestingly, neither of these are in the remit of Boston Borough Council, who recently fined a private individual for not looking after a listed building; but I feel they should follow their good example set and give these big organisations a reminder of their responsibilities.

James Waterfield

Maud Foster Mill, Boston