LETTER: We were offended by newspaper column

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We think it is only right to respond to the somewhat outrageous comments by “Observer” in last week’s Standard.

To imply, as he clearly does, that the employees and councillors at Municipal Buildings are somehow to be associated with dog poo is both insulting and utterly unwarranted.

Boston Borough Council, its 280 hard-working employees and its 32 elected members expect to be challenged and criticised. It goes with the territory these days. They don’t, however, deserve to be needlessly insulted. Nobody does.

Observer’s comments last week about the campaign to encourage dog owners to clean up after their pets in Central Park overstepped the boundary between opinion and insult when he likened the council to a pile of dog excrement. His suggestion that a large version of the flag, such as that proposed to be placed where dog owners have failed to clean up, be placed above the council offices, was a puerile and poorly-judged attempt at humour. We assume he was more interested in the imagined tittering of his readers, rather than think too deeply about the implications of his “humour”.

The issue of how to deal with dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets exercises the minds of council officers and councillors all over the country. It is a responsibility foisted onto them by irresponsible dog owners and suggestions about how to tackle it are always welcome. Constructive criticism of our own ideas is always welcome. Insults are not.

Perhaps the editor of the Boston Standard, who has ultimate responsibility for its content, including that of column writers, might consider an apology is in order.

Boston Borough Council, Conservative Group, bothIndependent Groups, Labour Group

Editor’s note: Having spoken to Observer I can assure readers, and everyone at the borough council, it was not their intention to insult or offend. It would appear the comment piece has been misinterpreted. The tongue in cheek nature was further empathised by the use of punctuation. However, I do apologise to anyone at the council who was offended.