LETTER: Why not offer your help to improve Central Park?


What is the point of the Boston Central Panel? Furthermore, what is this group of self-appointed busy-bodies actually planning to do about the issues they raise in Central Park apart from complain and pose for photographs next to a thistle? Did they even weed out the thistle post-photo?

Could I suggest that these evidently very worthy people volunteer their time in a more practical way and take up their hoes and spades and put the perceived problem right? Too often the standard response of these neighbourhood groups is to demand that councils do more. Councils ‘doing more’ costs money: taxpayers’ money; my money.

Thanks to Coun Gunter and her Conservative friends in charge of the borough council, Boston in Bloom has already improved the appearance of our town no end in the last couple of years, so credit must be given where credit is due.

If the Boston Central Panel genuinely wishes to take pride in their park, I am sure they are free to get on and help supplement the work done by the borough council to make Boston look even nicer through a genuine public-minded community spirit. That way, come next year, they will be able to pose next to a flower bed instead of their patch of thistles.

George Fleet