Life rocks for frontman Shaun

Shaun performing live with Good Knives during last year's UK tour.
Shaun performing live with Good Knives during last year's UK tour.

BEING the front man in an American rock band with more than 15,400 Facebook fans is a mere fantasy for many unsigned musicians - but this is now a reality for Boston man Shaun Phillips.

Since joining Los Angeles-based hardcore rock band Good Knives in 2009, Shaun has toured across America, Europe and the UK with them.

In the last few weeks, the five-piece has seen the number of fans joining their Facebook page rocket up to 15,400.

“As they say in America – I’m really stoked about it all,” laughed Shaun whose experiences since joining the band have included shooting music videos in LA and recording an album in Georgia - while the studio’s music producer casually wielded a hand-gun.

“Being from the UK I was not expecting that,” he said. “But it certainly made me work alot quicker!”

The other band members are Justine ‘Duffs’ Levine (guitar), Sean Jordon (bass), Bryan Kelly-Holden (guitar) and Asher Simon (drums).

Explaining the genesis of Good Knives, Shaun said: “I first met Duffs and Sean when they were in another band called Love Equals Death (LED). They were on their 2007 UK tour and came to Peterborough where I work. I was a huge fan – and even have their band tattoo on my arm!”

Shaun himself was the lead singer of Peterborough-based band The Ruined which played alongside LED for a few of their UK tour dates.

“I got on really well with them as we had a mutual love of music and cult horror-movies,” said Shaun, who left the Americans with a copy of his band’s album Here Lies The Ruined.

Duff said: “I remember listening to The Ruined EP every day for the rest of that tour. My favourite song was Poison Ivy and I wanted to be the one playing that song.”

But back in America, the day before LED were to record their first album, their lead singer quit.

“I found out they were looking for a singer so I jokingly said ‘I’m your man, guys’,” said Shaun. “I thought nothing more would come of it but a few days later I got an email from America saying they had been listening to me and wanted to fly me over to Georgia to record an album.”

Despite the band’s initial hesitancy due to Shaun living ‘half way across the globe in England’ they agreed he was their man and the new line-up became Good Knives.

Good Knives released their first self-titled debut album last year which is currently receiving five-star customer reviews on iTunes. The album launch was followed by a UK tour during which time the American band members visited Boston.

Shaun said: “My girlfriend Yam’s parents invited us all around to have Sunday roast dinner in Frampton – which was definitely a new experience for the boys from LA.”

Duffs added: “We were really stoked as it truly was one of the best meals we’d ever had – we barely eat at all in LA!”

Brian added: “The place is alot nicer than Boston MA!”

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