Life-saving siblings have each donated 100 pints of blood

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A brother and sister who have each donated 100 pints of blood could have saved a staggering 600 lives between them.

It’s rare for donors to reach the 100-pint milestone but Arthur Baldwin (64), from Donington, and his sister Jane Darley (66), from Pinchbeck, near Spalding, have achieved the feat together.

The siblings, originally from Donington Northorpe, could have been part of an even bigger family story as their brother John (62) was also a regular blood donor until about 20 years ago when he had a blood transfusion after fracturing his pelvis in a jet ski accident.

Arthur said: “He had given blood all those years and got the benefit of receiving some.”

But, once a donor receives blood, they are ruled out of making any more donations.

NHS Blood and Transplant says every single blood donation can save the lives of up to three people.

Arthur and Jane joined Spalding men Robert Fletcher and Ian Hoult in a ceremony at Branston Hall, Lincoln, where they were presented with medals and certificates for reaching their 100th donation milestones.

There were also framed photographs and lapel badges to mark the milestone that only one-in-100 donors makes.

Arthur (64) spotted an advert for blood donors when he was at agricultural college and four or five pals gave it a go as a bit of a dare.

“I wasn’t fazed by it in any way and I have been proud to give blood ever since,” said Arthur, who works in agricultural sales.

“There were three of us in the family at one stage giving blood and I would encourage newcomers to donate.”

Jane (66), from Pinchbeck, said: “There are not many people get to 100 and I don’t think there are many siblings get to 100.

“I started when I was 17, that would be in 1967, because it’s something that doesn’t cost you anything and it’s helping a lot of people.”