Living on £1 a day ‘was a challenge’

JCI Members Allison Cowell and Alex Hackett
JCI Members Allison Cowell and Alex Hackett

Members of a Boston charity group have found out what it is like to live in poverty, by living off a £1-a-day diet for a week.

Members of Junior Chamber International Boston took part in the challenge with members all around the UK.

The aim was to raise money and awareness of poverty for charity.

JCI Boston president Jen Curtis said: “Living on £1 a day was certainly a challenge. On such a low budget I found it almost impossible to eat a balanced diet and there were times, particularly at the start of the week, when I was hungry.”

One evening the members put their money together to host a dinner party which included chicken flavour noodles, bangers and mash, chocolate roll and custard, crackers and cheese and a glass of fizzy orange drink.

Supporters also gave up a luxury for the week and donated the cost to the cause.

JCI UK exceeded its target of £1,000 and the money will be divided between Save the Children and Nothing but Nets (a charity dedicated to eradicating malaria in Africa).

While taking part in the challenge the group also visited Centrepoint Outreach, on Red Lion Street, to see how poverty affects the local community.

Chief executive John Marshall explained the work they do with homeless and vulnerable people.

Jen said: “The visit to Centrepoint Outreach was a real eye-opener as to the level of need within Boston (they receive 800 to 900 requests for support every month) and I hope JCI Boston can support their work in the future”