Local station to host EU debate


Boston’s community radio station is set to hold a series of debates, interviews and discussion in the run-up to the EU Referendum on June 23.

Endeavour FM will be dedicating slots in its schedules to the debates – which are being organised by the Boston Town Team.

Daniel Elkington

Daniel Elkington

The plans will see head-to head debates, pre-recorded ‘INterviews’ and ‘OUTerviews’ with campaigners carried out on Thursdays and Fridays, vox-pops on Wednesday’s and a weekly round-up with Victoria Percival and Mike Gilbert on Sundays.

Boston Town Team member Daniel Elkington said: “The idea is to be an informative series of programmes.

“We’re trying to get local people to inform the public of Boston and give them as much information as possible.”

Mr Elkington said he felt the ‘quality of the debate’ nationally had been poor with ‘both sides fearmongering’, adding he wantedthe local debate to be ‘high quality’.

The coverage will culminate in a live debate at Haven High Academy with campaigners on both sides from 7pm on June 18.

As the EU Referendum debate heats up, Boston is featuring in more coverage nationally, and on Wednesday appeared on Newsnight.

The show was hosted by the Stump and featured a mix of live debate and pre-recorded interviews on national topics.

Labour Coun Paul Gleeson was one of those who appeared.

He told the Standard he felt his part was reported fairly but said the debate ‘got a bit lost’.

He said: “To my mind it didn’t seem to be terribly well strurctured and was a bit all over the place.”

He said he understood the programme was a national one, but felt those taking part were ‘just making statements’.

To get tickets to Endeavour FM’s live debate visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/live-referendum-debate-tickets-25381782595#tickets