London drug dealer jailed for nine years after being caught in Boston

Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones

A drug dealer from London has been jailed for nine years for drug and firearms offences after officers stopped him in Boston.

Aaron Jones, 33, of Balnacraig Avenue, of Brent, in London, was convicted at Lincoln Crown Court on 6th September after changing his plea to guilty.

On January 10, 2016, Jones was the front seat passenger in a vehicle that had travelled from Watford to Boston.

The vehicle came to officers attention due to erratic driving and, when the car was stopped, officers smelt cannabis inside.

When Jones was searched, he was found in possession of 10 deal size wraps of cocaine in a tightly wrapped package within his pocket.

On the rear seat of the vehicle was a carrier bag which contained numerous items including a converted starter pistol with a converted blank round in the magazine.

Despite Jones’ claim that the item was a starter pistol that he had purchased for use during freelance personal training, a forensic examination found the pistol was capable of firing with lethal force and it was deemed to be in fact a firearm.

Concerning the drugs, Jones stated he had purchased the drugs for a party for his own consumption and for friends.

Jones was convicted of four offences:

l Possess with intent to supply a controlled drug of Class A – Cocaine,

l Possess a firearm of length less than 30cm/60cm,

l Possessing ammunition without certificate,

l Offering to supply Class A controlled drug - Cocaine

Judge Pini sentenced Jones to a total of nine years imprisonment for the four offences at Lincoln Crown Court.

A confiscation order under Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 was also placed on him.