Loss of apostrophe ‘deplorable’, says grammar tsar

PLANS to remove the apostrophe from the sign at booksellers Waterstone’s has been described as ‘deplorable’ by the chairman of the Boston-based Apostrophe Protection Society.

John Richards, of Vauxhall Road, said he thought it was entirely incorrect to remove the punctuation mark - a move which will alter the sign on Boston’s own store on Strait Bargate.

He told The Standard: “They should call it Waterstone if they want to change it. Grammatically speaking, you can’t have Waterstones without the apostrophe.”

The popular book chain claims it has dropped the apostrophe to as Waterstone was deemed to be a more practical and versatile spelling for people using the business online, but Mr Richards said he did not think it was a valid argument.

He added: “McDonald’s and Sainsbury’s still retain their apostrophes. I don’t think it’s a very good reason.”

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