Man allegedly beaten to death suffered more than 80 injuries - murder trial told

Lincoln Crown Court.
Lincoln Crown Court.

A car wash worker allegedly beaten to death suffered more than 80 injuries, a murder trial jury was told this afternoon (Friday).

Sigitas Kirkickas, 51, is alleged to have been punched, kicked and stamped on moments after walking through the front door of the home of his fellow Lithuanian Audrius Zauka.

Pathologist Dr Stuart Hamilton, giving evidence to the jury at Lincoln Crown Court, said Mr Kirkickas died from head and chest injuries.

Dr Hamilton said he found 25 separate fresh injuries to the head and neck of Mr Kirkickas including bruises and abrasions when he carried out a post-mortem examination on the dead man’s body.

The pathologist said that Mr Kirkickas had a further nine injuries to his torso and 18 injuries to his limbs.

The dead man, the jury was told, had also suffered brain injuries, 28 broken ribs, a broken bone in his throat, a fractured sternum and damage to his liver, kidneys and lungs.

Dr Hamilton said the injuries were consistent with Mr Kirkickas receiving forceful, repeated blows including punches, kicks and stamps.

He told the jury: “If the head injuries were the only thing present it would probably be sufficient to account for death. In addition there are severe chest injuries here as well. The chest injuries alone could have proved fatal.

“The cause of death is a combination of head and chest injuries.

“The combination of injuries would not be immediately fatal. It would likely be that death would ensue in the order of half an hour.”

Zauka is alleged to have launched a ‘savage’ attack on Mr Kirkickas after his fellow Lithuanian arrived at his home in Ingelow Avenue, Boston. He denies he was responsible and says his two lodgers were to blame for the killing.

Zauka, 41, of Ingelow Avenue, Boston, denies the murder of Mr Kirkickas on October 23, 2015.

The trial continues on Monday.

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