Man behind bars for ‘neglect of the worst kind’ to two dogs

RSPCA Old Leake Star
RSPCA Old Leake Star

A MAN has been sent to prison for three months and banned from keeping animals for 10 years for ‘neglect of the worst kind’ to two dogs.

Christopher Sharp, 20, of Hawthorn Road, Old Leake, appeared before Skegness Magistrates’ Court last Tuesday for sentencing.

He had been found guilty at an earlier hearing of causing unnecessary suffering to a black and white Labrador-type dog called Peggy and a tan mongrel dog called Star by failing to provide adequate nutrition for them during the period of September 18 and October 18, 2011.

He was also found guilty of keeping Peggy in a filthy van which was contaminated by faeces and urine without a clean resting area and without access to water and also of keeping Star in a kennel-type compound which was dirty and without the provision of adequate bedding and water during the period of October 11 until October 18, 2011.

The dogs were both in an emaciated and dehydrated state and were removed from a scrapyard in Seadyke Road, Old Leake. They were signed over to the care of the RSPCA and have since been rehomed.

Speaking after the case, RSPCA inspector Laura Jones said: “These poor dogs were left to live in terrible conditions and were clearly just forgotten about.

“This is neglect of the worst kind, and we are just grateful that we were notified by a concerned member of the public and able to take action before it was too late.

“This strong sentence sends out a clear message that the courts will not tolerate animal neglect and will come down hard where necessary.

“The RSPCA will continue to bring cases like this to court if there is a clear intent on neglecting an animal and leaving it to suffer.”

The defendant has now lodged an appeal against his conviction and sentence.