Man found in Boston woodland died of heroin overdose three weeks after moving to the UK

Inquest news.
Inquest news.

A man who was found dead in woodland near Boston died of a heroin overdose just three weeks after moving to the UK, an inquest has revealed.

Delvidas Izokaitis, 22, of Threadneedle Street, in Boston, was found by dog walkers at the woodland close to Fenside Road, in Boston, on March 26, 2016.

A statement from his mother Rita Grigaliunaite told an inquest at Boston Coroners’ Court today (Friday), how Mr Izokaitis, who was born in Lithuania, had moved from Germany only three weeks prior to his death.

He had been living with her, in the same room, and had managed to get himself employment as a factory operative, having worked at shops and in a post office prior to moving.

Mr Izokaitis was last seen by his mother the day prior when he had left the property to ‘go to the shop and get something to eat;.

When Mrs Grigaliunaite returned from work that evening, he was not there and had not turned up by morning when she went to a car boot.

Later on the day he was found Mrs Grigaliunaite reported him missing to police.

Statements from dog walkers Stephen Dydo and Radoslaw Nowicki told how Mr Izokaitis had been discovered.

Mr Dydo had arrived first, taking his dog around the woods, and described spotting a person laid on the floor who he thought could be someone who had collapsed through drink.

He recalled seeing one or two people in the same area the previous evening.

He then carried on walking his dog for 15-20 minutes and when he returned he could see the person was still there.

He said he had shouted something like ‘oi, are you alright mate?’. However, he also noticed Mr Izokaitis was a grey colour in his face and realised ‘he wasn’t just drunk’.

Returning to the car park he came across Mr Nowicki who was also set to walk his dog and asked him to call for police.

Mr Nowicki suggested they check again to make sure Mr Izokaitis was dead and after going back to where he had been found, they shouted to him again but gained no response and called the emergency services.

Stephen Dydo said in his statement: “I find it very sad that someone should die in such a place. It seems such a waste of life for someone so young.”

A police investigation found drugs paraphernalia in the area - including a can which had been split in half and appeared burnt on the bottom - along with other items which belonged to Mr Izokaitis.

Forensic tests found DNA on the items but not enough for a meaningful comparison.

The investigation concluded that there was no evidence to suggest a third party or criminal act had caused the death of Mr Izokaitis.

A post mortem investigation found evidence Mr Izokaitis had taken cannabis and heroin, along with low levels of alcohol. It recorded the cause of death as ‘heroin toxicity’.

South Lincolnshire Assistant Coroner Marianne Johnson concluded Mr Izokaitis ‘was found deceased having taken a heroin overdose’.