Man overdosed after ‘things got too much’

A BOSTON man whose wife and son died in tragic circumstances committed suicide after he was unable to cope with the loss, an inquest has heard.

Matthew Isham, of Tunnard Street, was found dead at his home on July 26 this year.

A post mortem showed the 41-year-old had taken such a large amount of methadone that it had to have been a deliberate act, it was reported.

Friend and colleague Leon Marsh, who found Mr Isham’s body, told coroner Maureen Taylor that his friend spoke only occasionally about the death of his wife Michelle from an overdose in 2008 and the sudden death of his son Luke several years ago.

When asked if he was still affected by the incidents, he said: “He must have been.”

The inquest, which took place at Boston County Hall on Friday, heard that Mr Isham had been in good spirits the weekend before his death, but had not contacted Mr Marsh for several days, which was unusual. The day before his death, Mr Marsh went to his home twice, but nobody answered the door. He returned the following day as he was concerned for his friends’ welfare, and after being unable to gain access he used ladders to climb up to Mr Isham’s bedroom window.

He found him lying on his bed with empty vodka bottles and blister packs containing prescription methadone and amitriptyline – a substance used as an anti-depressent.

Recording a verdict of suicide, coroner Maureen Taylor said: “Things had obviously got too much for him and he would have been fully aware, following his wife’s death, of the effects of the quantities involved.”