Marathon effort in memory of sister

Beckie Dawson, left, with sister Lisa Almond.
Beckie Dawson, left, with sister Lisa Almond.

A mum of two from Boston is preparing to run the London Marathon in memory of her sister – and keep up her strong legacy of raising awareness of bowel cancer.

Beckie Dawson, of London Road, took part in her first 10K race in 2012 - shortly after her elder sister Lisa Almond lost her four-year battle with bowel cancer, aged just 41.

Lisa had bravely dedicated much of time she had left to raise awareness of the condition - and Beckie has since taken up the mantle, doing what she can to raise money for the charity Beating Bowel Cancer.

She now plans to run the London Marathon on April 26 to raise £2,000.

“In 2012 my beautiful sister died from bowel cancer that had spread to her liver, lungs, spine and brain,” said Beckie, 40. “Diagnosed at the age of 37, she endured chemotherapy, radiotherapy, major surgery, more chemotherapy, more surgery, followed by various treatments for problems she was left with as a result of the illness and treatments.”

In 2010, after a couple of years remission, they learnt the cancer had returned and was incurable. Chemotherapy failed to slow the disease and in February, 2012, Lisa died.

Beckie says it’s important people are not embarrassed to see their doctor. Almost half of the 100 people diagnosed with bowel cancer every day will die - but if caught early, the survival rate is 90 per cent.

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