Mark pops into town on coastal tour

Around Britain man Mark Newton
Around Britain man Mark Newton

A former soldier dropped into Boston as part of a charity coastal scooter tour of Britain last Monday.

Mark Newton, 47, from Swansea, pulled up at Caffè Nero with his two cats and motorised trailer, for a break. Mark began his trek at Loch Gilphead in Scotland – and will return after touring the nation’s coastline.

He is doing so with cats Missy and Smudge and is sleeping in the trailer every night and says the more he does the more well known he becomes.

He said: “People come and help me out now because words getting out.

“A guy I met in Skegness works in Boston and offered to help me with some repairs.”

Mr Newton served with the 1st Queens Dragoon Guards, but was injured while working for the United Nations in the officers mess in Cyprus in 1991.

His former squad and the Royal British Legion helped him get his scooted and he said that this is his way of paying them back.

He said the seed was planted in 2009, and his trailer is fully equipped with everything he might need, including internet, however, he regularly has to find a place to charge the vehicle.

Sfar Mr Newton has raised more than £17,000.

However, his travels haven’t been completely without woes - at Cape Wrath his scooter was vandalised after a man in a pub took exception to him, and twice he has been awoken by police wanting to know if he was ok.

He is fundraising for the Royal British Legion, the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Families Association, the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, Help for Heroes and the First Queen’s Dragoon Guards benevolent fund. He had come from Skegness, stopping at the Bricklayers Arms in Wrangle, and planned to stay for two days.

So far Mark has raised more than £17.250. Follow @aroundbritain on Twitter for updates.