Market will still go ahead as torch passes through the town

BOSTON’S market will go ahead as normal when the Olympic Torch passes through the town tomorrow.

Boston Borough Council will arrange the stalls next week to allow for a path through the middle for the torch relay and will also put up patriotic bunting in the town.

The torchbearers in Wrangle are Adi Hamnett, 36, from Tattershall, Paul McCarthy, 48, from Lincolnshire, Paul Timms, 45, from Billinghay, and Sophie Harris, 17, from Lincoln.

In Boston it will be carried by Ian Sharkey, 69, from Bourne, Arran Brindle, 30, from Louth, Billy Ryan Osborne, 20, from Boston, Emma Gibbs, 12, from Cambridgeshire, Graham Colam, 47, from Grantham, Katie Walmsley, 12, from Boston, Russell Winfield, 51, from Grantham, Steve Dawson, 51, from Boston, Stuart Davidsnn, 53, from Boston, Susan Oakley, 52, from Peterborough, and Tracey Lamb, 16, from Grantham.

Click here for the Olympic Torch route