May was warm and dry - but with a thunderstorm

IT TOOK a heavy thunderstorm to end two months of near-drought conditions in Boston.

That was among the findings oftown weatherman Albert Kirkham.

Reflecting on the conditions throughout May, he said: “(It was) a predominantly very dry, very warm and sunny month.

“Heavy thundery rain in the afternoon of the 26th ended the near-drought conditions over the last two months.” May was warmer than average, with the hottest day - 23.9C (75F) arriving on the sixth.

The mean maximum temperature was 18.3C (65F), higher than the average of 16.7C (61.6F).

The mean minimum temperature was 8.9C (47.6F) against the average of 7.2C (45F).

There was 33.6mm (1.32ins) of rainfall, less than the average of 45.8mm (1.80ins).