MAYOR: ‘My role advertises the town and brings joy’

The Mayor of Boston Coun Stephen Woodliffe
The Mayor of Boston Coun Stephen Woodliffe

The current Mayor of Boston Stephen Woodliffe has defended the role saying ‘you can’t put a value on it’.

Responding to Boston accountant Darren Abbott, who has challenged the council to examine whether the role is ‘value for money’, Coun Woodliffe said that it was an ‘amazing privilige’ to be the mayor - a role which he said represents and advertises Boston both at home and away.

He said: “The role of mayor raises the profile of Boston. Since being mayor, I have noticed how much respect the public have for Boston elsewhere and how appreciative they are for our support.”

The Mayor of Boston is also the Admiral of the Wash, and as such gets invited to a number of civic events around the country - including memorial services in London.

But it’s not just elsewhere Coun Woodliffe believes the mayor has a positive effect – he also attends events locally, including shop openings and says people are ‘truly appreciative’ when the mayor makes an appearance.

He had recently been to Pilgrim Hospital for an event and while there had been requested by an ill patient to visit her.

“She was pleased to see me and we talked a while and it made her day,” he said. “You can’t put a cost on that, but you can put a value on it.”

He added: “To say for example, attending the Butterfly Hospice where there’s only 20 people isn’t worth as much, it’s not fair and it’s not right - it’s a different way of thinking.”

He added that he was not directly paid for his work apart from his councillors’ allowances, meaning that the events he attends he also does for free and in his own time.