Mayors ball cancelled

THE MAYOR’S charity ball, due to be held tonight, has had to be cancelled.

A Boston Borough Council spokesman said the reason was that ticket sales had been slow.

He said: “(It is) perhaps a victim of the time of year, so soon after the expensive Christmas and New Year period, and the times – we are all feeling the pinch.

“Various charity events have been cancelled over the years when tickets have not sold, which is to be expected in times of austerity.”

The spokesman added that there is no set charity ball scheme and that holding one is not part of the mayor’s official business.

At least two recent past mayors did not hold a charity ball, however, mayors do decide, at their discretion, to help named charities during their time in office and, as part of their overall fundraising efforts, some do hold a charity ball.

The Mayor’s chosen charities this year are the Veterans’ Memorial Plaque Committee and the Boston branch of the Royal British Legion.