MEP Derek Clark backs fish campaign

BOSTON’S MEP is backing a campaign to stop fish - many of which are dead - just being discarded and thrown back into the sea.

UKIP’s Derek Clark is at the forefront of the fight to reverse the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy which he describes as ‘lunacy’.

The campaign recently received high profile support from TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall who took the Fish Fight Campaign to the European Parliament.

Mr Clark said: “Yet again the UK suffers at the hands of EU bureaucracy and unfair dictates.

“In my own region, the fishermen of Boston are forbidden to fish on the pretext their trawls damage the bottom, meanwhile a Dutch vessel can hoover up a million tons of gravel from the same sea bed.”

Proposals are being finalised for a overhaul of the policy and the issue of discarding is a key element in the coming reform.