Microchip scanner donation to dog rescue centre

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A Halo microchip scanner has been presented to Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Algarkirk by Arnot Wilson, director of the Dog Union.

The Dog Union raised funds during an open day with the specific aim of procuring the unique microchip scanner for the centre.

The Dog Union was founded by Arnot from Algarkirk and four others to represent the dog showing fraternity and help raise health and welfare issues in dogs.

A spokesman said: “With the increase in dog theft, in March the Dog Union teamed up with VioVet, a large internet veterinary medicine retailer to form Pet Theft Awareness Week.

“The success of this initiative has lead to the Union raising funds at canine events to provide rescue centres with Halo scanners and bring them to the attention of other organisations.”

The Halo scanner is unique as it has all the capabilities of a normal scanner but it also immediately tells the user if an animal has been reported to Scanner Angel as lost or stolen and so aids a rapid re-unification. Scanner Angel is operated by the manufacturers of the Halo Scanner and works in conjunction with DogsLost and Petlog.

Arnot said: “We are delighted to present this important piece of equipment to the Jerry Green South Lincolnshire Centre today. Provided dog owners keep their microchip details up to date, the centre can now instantly re-unite them with their dog should it go missing or be stolen in the Boston area.”