‘Migrants not to blame’ for local issues

Reverend Robert West, Boston and Skegness candidate for the British National Party.
Reverend Robert West, Boston and Skegness candidate for the British National Party.

Immigration, the EU, terrorism and homosexuality are topics that need to be looked at, according to the British National Party candidate for the Boston and Skegness parliamentary seat in May.

The Rev Robert West said that, despite questions as to whether his title is correct, he was ordained 30 years ago and he still functions as a minister.

He believes his religion and politics go hand-in-hand.

He said: “I’m a Christian, a minister and a patriot and I do think the two go together. Christianity is much in favour of national identity.

“It’s not for the destruction of national boundaries, each nation has its station and all nations ought to be preserved and protected rather than vandalised by short-term economics or sinister motives.”

He believes the ‘crucial concern’ is migration.

He said: “It’s totally out of control, we are the only party who have always spoken about the serious disadvantages of mass immigration which leads to the fragmentation of society and the destruction of social capital.”

He also said the party had found a feeling in some places that migration was leading to a lack of jobs and the ‘suppression of wage levels’.

He said, however, it was ‘not the migrants who are to blame’ but the ‘politicians who brought them in’. He believes that migrants could be trained up in the UK and sent back to their home country to support the economy there.

He also said that he would agree with UKIP on independence from Europe and said 70 per cent of people his party had spoken to locally had wanted the UK out of the EU.

Other areas of focus for the party include concerns over terrorism and ‘religious grooming’ – which Mr West was eager to clarify was not a race issue.

He said the party had been asked its stance on homosexuality, saying the party supported civil partnerships but not same sex marriages.

There have been many questions raised over whether Mr West is a minister and a number of churches have distanced themselves from him.

Mr West said however that he is a free and independent minister, sanctioned by the Christian Council of Britain, which he reportedly co-founded with the British National Party.

Robert West, who lives in Holbeach, is a former Conservative councillor on South Holland District Council.