Mild start to November gives way to chilly end, figures for Boston reveal

TEMPERATURES in Boston varied during November from as high as 17.2C (63F) on the 4th to as low as -8.3C (17F) on the 28th, new figures show.

Town weatherman Albert Kirkham has reported a mild start to the month, with the 5th having the highest minimum - 12.2C (54F).

The 28th, by contrast, also brought the lowest maximum, just 0C (32F), and the lowest grass minimum, -10C (14F).

It brought Boston’s mean maximum temperature below the monthly average, 8.3C (47F) compared to 10.6C (51.2F). The mean minimum also fell short of what would be expected, 2.8C (36.9F) - down on 3.3C (38.1F).

See Wednesday’s Standard for a full round-up of how the weather has affected our patch.