More doggy donors needed


A charity need more negative blood type doggy donors, and are holding a session in Kirton on Wednesday.

Pet Blood Bank Uk will be at Elwood, Briggs & Turner Veterinary Surgery, and are running the session to collect negative blood type donations.

Katrina Wilkinson is from PBB and said: “We’re particularly keen to bolster our negative blood supplies so we can help even more sick and injured dogs in the future.”

Donations from Dobermans, greyhounds, boxers, German shepherds, flat coated retrievers, Airedale terriers, weimaraners, lurchers, American bulldogs, pointer (English), English bulldogs and mastiffs are key breeds as these are primarily negative blood type, but positive blood donations are also welcome.

Criteria for doggy donors and registering your dogs for sessions can be found at: or call 01509 232222 to sign up.