More reaction to murder investigation

The murder investigation scene at Ingelow Avenue, Boston
The murder investigation scene at Ingelow Avenue, Boston

Public expressions of anger and dismay were posted on social media following news that police had launched a murder investigation after the death of a man in Boston.

It followed the discovery of a body at house on Ingelow Avenue in the town at 5.56pm yesterday evening (Friday).

Two local women aged 39 and 47 along with a 48-year-old local man have been arrested in connection with the incident.

Many comments on the Boston Standard Facebook site were concerned with the level of crime and violence in the town.

David Burr wrote: “When will this end? When will our local MP wake up and smell the coffee? Another week, another death.”

Marie Rogan posted: “Nothing new when will all this end.”

Ann Wagstaff said: “I’m absolutely sick of this! I moved down here and it was OK at there shootings, stabbings, dead bodies and lunacy! Such a lovely town that’s being let down again, no1 in authority dare do anything other than stalk drivers, the “coppers on the beat” say they feel outnumbered and fearful from being in a vulnerable position! Such a disappointment.”

Emma Wilcock added a message of condolence: “Thoughts with the victims family and friends.”

Pierre Bishop had a critical response to Boston MP’s Matt Warman’s pledge to focus on the issue of violence and anti social behaviour in the town.

He said: “Sorry, but it’s a bit like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted! This should have been addressed months ago! This year alone has seen an aggressively increasing amount of violence. Incident after incident and it appears that towards the end of the year does he now think there is a problem. Never seemed to bother him that much before.”