More suggestions made to improve town’s prosperity

Boston Borough Council
Boston Borough Council

Finding funding for another public loo in the centre of Boston, moving the market, and coming up with new uses for the town’s ‘event space’ are some of the ideas to make Boston more prosperous.

The suggestions formed part of Boston borough councillor Judith Skinner’s update on the Prosperous Boston Task and Finish Group at the borough council’s Environment and Performance Committee on Wednesday.

Coun Judith Skinner

Coun Judith Skinner

Coun Skinner was keen to point out that the suggestions were at this stage just for consideration and not set in stone.

She told councillors: “The Task and Finish Group are set to meet on April 4 to get reports on the actions suggested and we’re also going to scope out part two of the report - covering car 
parking, environment and transport.”

Coun Skinner reported comments on bubble gum building up on pavements.

She said it had been resolved to get the gum removed now that the machine ‘had been mended’.

She said there would also be efforts to get people to bin their gum.

Mrs Skinner also reported on a request to the Boston Town Area Committee to look at the viability of funding a toilet facility in the town centre.

She said: “Although it’s not a statutory duty, the public want to have toilets available in the Market Place.”

She said existing facilities were kept in good condition but that people said that when buses dropped visitors off in the town centre they were some distance from them.

Coun Skinner said market traders were happy with the staff which set up the towns markets, but that they felt business had been better when it was held in Wide Bargate during the Market Place’s refurbishment.

She said it was felt the Bargate Green business ‘drained off’ after the auction finished and said the farmers market had decided to stop coming to the town.

She said the group was looking into a variety of solutions, including moving the market into one location on at least one market day, trying to entice the farmers market back and bringing the events space into use by inviting an antiques fair to the town on the days of the Craft Market.

l Anyone interested in holding an antiques fair should call Kristina West, Town Centre Services officer on 01205 314587.

Alternatively, they can email