More than 2,000 Boston children ‘in poverty’


More than 2,400 children in and around Boston are classed as living in poverty according to data that is helping shape a response to the issue.

The figure - 2,435 in all - is provided by HM Revenue and Customs and represents the number of children living in families in receipt of out-of-work benefits or tax credits with a reported income less than 60 per cent of the national median.

Within the borough, the count varies from a high of 440 in Fenside (30.9 per cent of resident children) to a low of 10 for the West ward (about three per cent).

The county’s total is 24,260.

The data is helping shape work to tackle the issue, with Lincolnshire County Council being the lead agency.

Dr Tony Hill, director of public health at the county council, said: “An action plan has identified priority areas over the next 12-18 months involving community groups, charities, district councils, children’s centres, job centres, health visitors, GP surgeries and schools. We want to support families to maximise their household income, reduce levels of debt, increase parental skills, improve educational attainment and access to employment.”

Another target, he said, is to improve the infrastructure to support these local projects and share good practice.

“For example IT hubs are being located within communities for those who don’t have computers to help them access information and services,” he added.