Mother cat and kittens dumped in act of ‘cruelty beyond belief’

The three surviving kittens.
The three surviving kittens.

A young cat and her four kittens have been left to die in a pair of taped-up crates in Kirton.

The animals were dumped without food or water next to village’s recycling and charity bins.

The taped-up crates which the mother cat and kittens were dumped in.

The taped-up crates which the mother cat and kittens were dumped in.

One of the kittens died as a result.

They were discovered by chance on Wednesday night when a volunteer for Lincs Ark animal welfare heard the cats’ cries as she dropped clothes off at the charity bin.

A spokesman for the charity said: “Inside the crates she found a little black-and-white cat about 10-11 months-old, with four kittens.

“Sadly, one of the kittens was dead and the other three were filthy and covered in urine and excrement.

The mother cat and kittens recovering in foster care.

The mother cat and kittens recovering in foster care.

“We hope who-ever did this slept that night. They were left in taped-up crates with no food or water, to perish by some bins.

“Mum was so traumatised that when she was bathed she did not move, just stood rock still and heartbroken at losing one of her precious babies.”

The charity posted the pictures to their Facebook group - with members of the public calling the person responsible ‘heartless’ and ‘sick’.

Anthony Kauffman emailed The Standard to say the act demonstrated ‘cruelty beyond belief’.

The cat and kittens have been gently bathed and fed and are now in foster care with the local volunteer who found them. They will be up for rehoming when they are well and have been vaccinated and neutered.

The Lincs Ark spokesman said: “There is no excuse not to have a cat neutered, there are enough schemes to help if funds are tight. This could have been avoided.”

Speaking to The Standard, they added: “I can’t emphasise enough how important it is for people to get their cats neutered. Rescue centres up and down the country are full up. When kittens come in like this it means we don’t have space to take the older cats whose owners have died or moved abroad.”

Lincs Ark is appealing for donations of cat food and cat litter to help with the care of the mother cat and kittens.

If you can help, or for more information, visit their website.