Mother cat ‘fosters’ abandoned kitten in Boston

Miah the Bengal mother cat with her 'foster' kitten at home in Wyberton. NA
Miah the Bengal mother cat with her 'foster' kitten at home in Wyberton. NA

A MOTHER cat from Wyberton has taken to the role of foster parent to a kitten found ‘abandoned’ in a Boston garden.

The two-week-old animal was discovered under a bush in a Park Road, and is now being fed by Miah - a brown spotted Bengal who had her own litter a few weeks ago.

Miah’s owners, Richard and Christine Vernon are now helping the mother cat to care for the kitten until it is weaned off milk.

Richard explained: “A friend of ours found a tiny kitten abandoned in her garden. It can only be about two-weeks-old. She rang us for help as we have a Bengal queen nursing two four-week-old kittens of her own.”

Standard readers may recall Mr and Mrs Vernon’s extraordinary efforts to hand-rear a brood of five-day-old baby gerbils last year when their mum met a grisly end with the pet cat.

Richard said: “We initially tried feeding the kitten the same way as we fed the gerbils, with formula milk and a plastic syringe, but it’s not worked out too good so we introduced it to the nursing mum and she has accepted the kitten as her own.”

He concluded: “It was wonderful to watch our mum wash the new arrival, she’s really taken to him.”

Mr Vernon said his friend who found the kitten is planning to give it a permanent home when it is old enough to leave its new ‘mum’.