MP speaks out in favour of changes to immigration rules

CHANGES to the immigration laws will stop the “scandal” of foreign criminals using human rights laws to avoid deportation, according to Boston and Skegness MP Mark Simmonds.

Mr Simmonds, who recently came under the spotlight at Boston Borough Council’s inquiry into the impact of immigration, backed the new policy put forward by Home Secretary Theresa May.

The Conservative MP said: “It is a scandal that foreign criminals have been able to use human rights laws to stay in the UK.

“Deportation should be the norm for anyone receiving a prison sentence of at least 12 months; the should be put on a plane and sent away.

“The public interest has to come first, that’s why I welcome these new measures.”

The new rules could also mean that only people earning at least £18,600 will be able to bring in a spouse or partner from outside of Europe.

The proposal would also see a requirement for applicants for settlement to speak better English and pass a ‘Life in the UK Test’.