MP understands ‘why people are genuinely worried’ about violent crime

Matt Warman. (Photo: Daily Telegraph)
Matt Warman. (Photo: Daily Telegraph)

MP Matt Warman has said he understands why people are generally worried and says the perceived increase in violent crime needs to be dealt with.

The Boston and Skegness MP told The Standard that the figures of reported crime were ‘definitely down’, particularly in terms of ‘low-level’ incidents.

However he said: “That doesn’t change the fact we have had, over the last few months, a significant increase in the perception that West Street in particular, has had an increase in violent crime.”

He said: “There are people who are genuinely worried, as I would be - especially businesses who are starting to see people who don’t want to come into Boston.

“The shops on West Street are very different from shops at the other end of town but if we have a problem with the perception of the town center it reaches even further than the town and overall area.

“We need to nip this in the bud.”

He said he believed the town needed to see, in the very near future, was a ‘very conspicuous police presence, to remind people that overall Boston is a place where, on one hand crime is falling and on other police are aware of the issues at hand’.

He added: “These are not random attacks but they are serous incidents and people are in need of reassurance. I have got to make sure that I take this issue as seriously as I possibly can.”

Mr Warman also spoke to The Standard on the issues of knife crime, including dealing with cultural differences, and the way courts sentenced crimes.

For more from our interview with MP Matt Warman, keep an eye on The Standard’s website and this Wednesday’s paper.