MPs visiting the town to discuss plans for Brexit


Everything Brexit will be discussed by MPs in Boston this week as a high-profile committee visits.

MPs on the cross-party Exiting the EU Committee - set up to scrutinise the Government’s Brexit plans - will be in the town tomorrow (Thursday).

Members are keen to hear the views of local people about how the Government should implement Brexit.

Last June, Boston recorded the highest majority of Brexit voters in Britain, voting by 75.6 per cent to leave the EU.

The event will explore what Brexit means to Boston, whether the Government has the right objectives, and what the opportunities and risks of leaving the EU are for different groups and organisations in the area.

It is part of a programme of visits to different parts of the UK that the committee is undertaking to get beyond Westminster to gather a range of views about Brexit, what it means for different areas, and what our future relationship with the EU should look like.

The committee will be meeting with councillors, businesses and other representatives from the local community.

Members will be at the Len Medlock Voluntary Centre, St George’s Road, Boston, between 2-3.45pm.

The event is free for the public to attend, but attendees will have to book via: