Mr Gary Keith Patient


GARY Keith Patient, of Main Road, Stickney, has died at home following a short illness.

He was 54.

Born in Hackney, London, he had lived in this area for 19 years.

A married man, he leaves wife Barbara, daughter Kayleigh, Tia and Sarah, sisters Jean, Dawn and Georgina and brother Brian.

Mr Patient was a painter and decorator.

His hobbies and interests included do-it-yourself, gardening (he grew his own vegetables) and enjoying a good drink with family and friends.

His funeral took place in Stickney Church and was followed by interment in the churchyard. The service was conducted by the Rev Joan Thornett.

Chief family mourners were: Barbara (wife), Kayleigh, Tia and Sarah (daughters), Jean, Dawn and Georgina (sisters), Eddie and Chris (brothers-in-law), Martin, Jason, Jack, Jamie, Ashley and Jason (nephews), Joanne, Mandy and Shirelle (nieces), Leah (great-niece), Jordan and Lee (great-nephews), Shirley (niece-in-law), Kiri, Tracey and Lorna (sisters-in-law), Mickey, Paul and Peter (brothers-in-law).

Arrangements by F.E. Addlesee and Son.