Mr Harry Smith (Dick)


HARRY Smith (Dick), of Oak Crescent, Boston, has died at home following a heart attack.

He was 79.

Born in Leverton, he lived in this area his whole life.

A married man, he is survived by wife Dolly Smith, daughter Valerie Richardson, sons Brian, Vincent and Arnie Smith, sisters Audrey Everard and Eileen Massey, grandsons Daniel, Matthew, Sam and Jack and granddaughter Anna.

During his working life he was employed as a farm labourer, a Kleeneze sales representative and a gardener.

Mr Smith enjoyed sequence dancing, gardening, listening to country and western music, doing crosswords and model building.

His funeral took place at Boston Crematorium and was followed by cremation. The service was officiated by the Rev Dr Hugh Jones.

Chief family mourners were: Dolly Smith (wife), Brian and Carol Smith (son and daughter-in-law), Vincent Smith and Carole Berry and Arnie Smith and Joanne Holden (sons and partners), Audrey Everard and Eileen Massey (sisters), Mr and Mrs Whiting (mother and father-in-law), Barry Whiting (brother-in-law), Daniel, Matthew, Sam, Jack and Anna (grandchildren), Mr and Mrs D. Clark and Mr and Mrs M. Massey (nephews and nieces), Alison and Melanie Clark (great-nieces), Joan and Jim Vines and Mrs E. Baldrow (cousins) and other family members.

Unable to attend: Valerie and Martin Richardson (daughter and son-in-law).

Arrangements by F.E. Addlesee and Son.