Mr John Joseph Lockwood

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obit pic

JOHN Joseph Lockwood, of Witham Court, Boston, has died at Pilgrim Hospital.

He was 85.

Born in Boston, he lived in this area his whole life. A married man, he is survived by wife Patricia, son Richard, brother Neil and sister Hilda.

Mr Lockwood completed his National Service in 1945-47 and during his working life, worked as a seed warehouseman for Sinclair McGill.He retired in October 1990.

Mr Lockwood’s funeral took place at Boston Crematorium and was followed by cremation. The service was officiated by Canon Robin Whitehead.

Chief family mourners were: Patricia Lockwood (wife), Richard and Kathy Lockwood (son and daughter-in-law), Dawn and Jon Long (grandchildren), Gary Lockwood (grandson), James and Katie Long (great-grandchildren), Neil Lockwood (brother), Hilda and Gordon Fear (sister and brother-in-law), Graham Fear (nephew), Tracey and Paul Allan (niece and husband), Ken and Anna Gray, Norman and Margaret Gray (brothers-in-law and wives), Margaret Moore and Marga Gray (sisters-in-law), Steven Gray (nephew), Carol and Robbie Hunt (niece and husband), Nicki Moore and Viv Prickett (nieces), Ernie and Janet Pesterfield, Claire and Emma (nephew, wife and daughters), Janet Mackinder (aunt) and June Pallister (cousin).

Arrangements by F.E. Addlesee and Son.