Mr Kenneth Turner

Kenneth Turner for obit 18-04-12
Kenneth Turner for obit 18-04-12

KENNETH Turner, of Stickford, has died at Pilgrim Hospital following illness.

He was 81.

Born in East Kirkby, he lived in this area for 56 years. A married man, he is survived by wife Brenda, sons Derick and Keith, granddaughter Sarah and grandson Adam.

During his working life, Mr Turner farmed at Glebe Farm, Stickford, retiring at the age of 70.

His funeral took place at St Helen’s Church, Stickford, and was followed by interment. The service was officiated by the Rev Joan Thornett.

Chief family mourners were: Brenda Turner (wife), Derick and Carol Turner (son and daughter-in-law), Keith Turner (son), Sarah Turner and Joseph Hicks (granddaughter and partner), Adam Turner and Stephanie Brown (grandson and partner), George and Beryl Hardstaff, Brian and Doris Addison, Joan Burley and Vic Harrison (cousins), Barry and Hilda Mason, Dave and Eileen Sands and Wendy Tate and partner (brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law), Steve and Sally Mason, Andrew Mason and Trevor Mason (nephews).

Unable to attend: John Mason (brother-in-law) Elsie Jameson and Ivy Pack (sisters-in-law).

Arrangements by F.E. Addlesee and Son.