Mr Richard Walter Robinson

RICHARD Walter Robinson, of Donington, has died at Pilgrim Hospital following a short illness.

He was 57.

Born in Boston, he had lived in the area for his entire life.

A single man, he leaves behind parents Bryan and Marion Robinson and sister Jane Pearson.

Mr Harrison had recently been a resident of Hovenden House, in Fleet, Lincolshire.

His funeral was officiated by the Rev Paul Hardingham.

Chief family mourners were: Bryan and Marion Robinson (parents), Jane and Richard Pearson (sister and brother-in-law), Jonathan and Lousie Pearson (nephew and wife), Sally and Matt Pilgrim (niece and husband), Ella and Joshua Pearson and Thomas and Jessica Pilgrim (great-nieces and nephews), Mrs N. Crosby, Mr D. F. Crosby and Mr and Mrs J. A. Crosby, Mr and Mrs E. Bettinson, Mr D. C. Crosby, Mrs A. Bollan, Mr R, W. Crosby, Mr D. P. J. Crosby, Mr and Mrs J. F. Robinson, Mrs C. Hunt, Mr and Mrs D. W. Stukins, Miss M. Rylott, Mr M. Hind-Woodward, Mrs C. Posey and Mr C. Pearson (aunts, uncles and cousins).

Unable to attend: Tracy and Paul Topliss (great-niece and husband).

Arrangements by F. E. Addlesee and Son.