Mr Syd Richardson

Mr Syd Richardson.
Mr Syd Richardson.

SYD Richardson, of Sutterton, has died following an illness.

He was 79.

Mr Richardson was born in Fosdyke and worked on the land and as a farm manager until retirement.

A keen sports fan, his hobbies included bowling, fishing, football, snooker, rugby and cricket.

A married man, he leaves behind wife Joan, sons Keith and Allan and grandchildren Simon, Emma and Jack.

His funeral was held at Boston Crematorium and followed by cremation.

It was officiated by the Rev David de Verney.

Chief family mourners were: Joan Richardson (wife), Keith and Val Richardson (son and daughter-in-law), Allan Richardson and Sam Sillett (son and partner), Simon, Emma and Jack Richardson (grandchildren), Mr and Mrs D. Carr (sister and brother-in-law), Mrs M. Handbury (aunt), Mr and Mrs G. Crunkhorn, A. Carr, S. Carr, Anthony Richardson and Janey (nieces and nephews), G. Borrill, Mr and Mrs M. Goddard, Mr and Mrs C. Goddard, Mr C. Goddard, Mrs J. Dixon, Mr B. Featherstone, J. Wortley, G. Wells, T and C. Wells, K. Good and R. Wass (cousins).

Unable to attend: Mr and Mrs J. Richardson (brother and sister-in-law).

Arrangements by Carr Funeral Service.