Mr William Edward Upson

WILLIAM Edward Upson, of Pilgrim Road, Boston, has died at Pilgrim Hospital following illness. He was 85.

Born in Battersea, in London, he lived in this area for 51 years.

A married man, he is survived by wife Nora, son Richard, granddaughter Rebecca, grandson Bradley and brothers Ronald and Derek.

Mr Upson served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, first in the Commandos then on HMS Zephyr for Russian Convoys.

In 1947 he was in Southern Railway Waterloo 5th.

He was a linesman from 1964-1990 and finally a British Telecom engineer until retirement.

During his retirement, he worked in the Boston Stump shop for five years.

His funeral took place at Boston Crematorium and was followed by cremation.

Chief family mourners: Nora Upson (wife), Richard Upson and Miss P. McKew (son and partner), Rebecca Upson (granddaughter), Bradley Upson (grandson), Ronald Upson and Mrs Upson (brother and wife), Mr Derek Upson (brother), Mrs J. Burke and Mrs S. Benton (nieces), Mr M. Upson, Mr R. and Mr R. Burke (grand-nephews), Mr and Mrs M. Hardy and Mr and Mrs A. Upson (nephews and wives), Miss K. Upson (grand-niece), Mr and Mrs M. Hunter, Mr and Mrs S. Millward and Mr and Mrs T. Farman (nieces and husbands), Mr E. Burks and Mr J. Hardy (nephews), Mr A. Hardy (brother-in-law), Mrs B. Hardy, Mrs S. Hardy and Mrs A. Boothby, Mrs M. Borks (sisters-in-law), Mrs A. Boothby (niece-in-law), Mr and Mrs J. Hardy (brother-in-law and wife) and Mr and Mrs B. Gilbert and Mr and Mrs R. Daft (cousins-in-law).

Arrangements by F.E. Addlesee and Son.