Mrs Betty Patricia Robinson


BETTY Patricia Robinson, of Burgess Close, Boston, has died at Hunters Creek Nursing Homes, following a long illness.

She was 81.

Born in Donington, she lived in Swineshead during her marriage and Boston later in life.

A widow, she leaves behind sons Paul and John, daughter Angela, brothers John and Alfred, sister Audrey, grandchildren Ric, Adrian, Ryan, Emma, Nicola and Lisa and great-granddaughter Ruby.

Mrs Robinson worked in domestic services until she was married, and she then became a housewife.

Her interests included playing the organ, sequence dancing, gardening, reading and completing crosswords.

Her funeral took place at Boston Crematorium and was followed by cremation. The service was officiated by Alison Ashton.

Chief family mourners were: Paul Robinson (son), John Robinson and Tracy Cragg (son and partner), Angela and Derek Carter (daughter and son-in-law) Ric Carter and Crystal Hudson (grandson and partner), Emma Carter (granddaughter), Alfred Ault (brother), Marion and Alan Gair (niece and husband), Melvin Clark, Syd Ault, Hans and Anita Niedermeier, Tim and Joanne Neidermeier, Nigel and Tina Clare (nephews and wives), Pam and Gerry Clare (sister-in-law and husband) and Stephen Robinson (brother-in-law).

Unable to attend: Nicola Carter (granddaughter), John and Mary Ault (brother and sister-in-law), Audrey Clark (sister) and Lisa and Lee Hall (granddaughter and husband.)

Arrangements by Carr Funeral Service.