Mrs Freda Olive Sykes

FREDA Olive Sykes, of Frampton House, Kirton, has died peacefully at home.

She was 94.

Born in Boston, she had lived in the area for her entire life.

Widow of the late Roy Sykes, she leaves behind daughters Diane and Gillian and son John.

Before her marriage, Mrs Sykes worked at Keightleys. She became a housewife after she was married.

Away from work, she spent a lot of time helping husband Roy with church activities, including dances, bingo and whist drives. She was also treasurer of the PTA at St Nicholas’ School in the 1950s and ‘60s.

In her later years she enjoyed whist and embroidery and loved all kinds of music.

Her funeral took place at St Nicholas Church and was followed by interment. The service was officiated by Father Paul Noble.

Chief family mourners were: Mr and Mrs J. Rudderham and Mr and Mrs K. Judd (daughters and sons-in-law), Mr and Mrs J. Sykes (son and daughter-in-law), Mr and Mrs D. Bradshaw and Mr and Mrs P. Smith (granddaughters and husbands), Ms B. Judd and Jon Portess (granddaughter and partner), Miss K. Rudderham (granddaughter), Mr R. Rudderham and Paris (grandson and partner), Stanley Portess, Henry and Emily Smith, Cherish and Honor Rudderham (great-grandchildren), Mrs M. Smith (sister-in-law), Mr and Mrs D. Smith, Mr and Mrs R. Hall, Mr and Mrs B. Hall, Mr and Mrs G. Hall (nephews and wives), and Mrs S. Turner (cousin).

Unable to attend: Mr N. Howard, Mr. P. Howard and Mrs J. Properjohn (grandchildren).

Arrangements by F. E. Addlesee and Son.