Mrs Lilian Cammack

LILIAN Cammack, of Hunters Creek, in Boston, had died at Pilgrim Hospital.

She was 90.

Born in Boston, she had lived in the area for her entire life.

A widow, she leaves behind son Richard Cammack and daughters Jenny Eckford and Liz Cammack.

Upon leaving Boston High School, Mrs Cammack worked at the Midland Bank where she became the first female chief cashier.

Away from work, she spent 20 years helping the Red Cross and the Darby and Joan Club.

Her funeral took place at Boston Crematorium and was followed by cremation. The service was officiated by the Rev Hugh Jones.

Chief family mourners were: Richard and Jo Cammack (son and daughter-in-law), Jenny and David Eckford (daughter and son-in-law), Liz Cammack (daughter), Susie Thomas, Sophie Cammack, Katie Appleton and Alex Eckford (grandchildren), Alf and Freda Sattelle (brother and sister-in-law), David and Lynda Sattelle, Jackie and Chris Stokes, John and Judy Cammack, Roger and Jean Cammack, Frank and Carole Cammack, Di and Bob Barclay, Tricia and John Scholey and Richard and Tony Cammack (nieces and nephews).

Arrangements by F.E. Addlesee and Son.