Mrs Patsy McCaffery (Pat)

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PATSY McCaffery (Pat) has died suddenly at Pilgrim Hospital.

She was 78.

Born in Boston, she lived in the area for her entire life.

A widow, she leaves behind son Paul, daughter Caroline, sister Mary, grandchildren Alison, Tina, Emma, Clare, Shane and Louise and great-grandchildren Olivia, Mason, Jayden, Isabella and Finley.

During her working life, Mrs McCaffery worked at Fisher Clarks and later at local hospitals as a ward orderly. She retired at Pilgrim Hospital in 1998.

After retirement she enjoyed spending time with her family and little dog Jack. She also liked gardening and socialising with friends at the Darby and Joan Club, Valentine Close Bingo, Keep Active Club and Silver Screen Cinema Club.

Her funeral took place at St Nicholas Church and was followed by interment. The service was officiated by Father Paul Noble.

Chief family mourners were: Paul and Judith McCaffery (son and daughter-in-law), Caroline and Stephen Thomas (daughter and son-in-law), Alison, Tina and Emma McCaffery and Clare, Shane and Louise Thomas (grandchildren), Olivia, Mason, Jayden, Isabella and Finley (great-grandchildren), Lloyd, Gayle, John and Kyle (grandchildren’s partners), Roy Jarvis (brother-in-law), Christine and Paul Lewis, Vince Lewis and Mandy Jackson (niece and family), Jen and Colin Baxter, Shane and Melanie (niece and family), Sue Wilkinson and Christopher Hicks (niece and partner), Margaret Manning (sister-in-law), Martin and Graham Manning, David and Andrew Manning (nephews), Simon Manning (nephew’s son), Brian and Carole Burton, Danielle and Natasha (nephew and family), Linda and Hannah Melton (niece and daughter), Charlie Alston (brother-in-law), Christopher, Karen and Charlotte Alston (nephew and family), Samantha, Peter, Leah and Marcus Chitson (niece and family.)

Arrangements by F. E. Addlesee and Son.