Mrs Shirley Elatamore Butler-Brewster


SHIRLEY Elatamore Butler-Brewster, of Revesby Avenue, Boston, has died at home following illness.

She was 75.

Born in Boston, she lived in this area all her life.

A widow, she is survived by daughter C. Richardson, sons Mr K. Butler-Brewster and Mr D. Butler-Brewster and sisters R. Hudson and A.Cushley.

During her life Mrs Butler-Brewster was a housewife.

She enjoyed gardening, DIY and meeting people. She was a member of the Over 60’s Club and the Salvation Army.

Her funeral took place at the Boston Stump and was followed by cremation. The service was officiated by the Canon Robin Whitehead.

Chief family mourners were: C. Richardson (daughter), Mr and Mrs K, Butler-Brewster and Mr and Mrs D. Butler-Brewster (sons and daughters-in-law), R.Hudson and A.Cushley (sisters), E. Elding (sister-in-law), R. Hudson, T.Elding and S. Glover (nephews), Mr and Mrs A. Hudson (nephew and niece), W. Marshall, C. Cowern, E. Franks, J. Bond, S. Gasling and P. Stephens (nieces), R. Day (cousin), Shane, Tracey, Nathan, Sheralyne, Katrina, Matt, Michaela, Andy, Sean, Brett, Toni-Ann, Kerry, Colin, Vicky, Andy, Mark and Charlotte (grandchildren), Chloe, Stacey, James, Tasha, Megan, Reece, Ryan, Rio, Alex, Isabelle and Anderson (great-grandchildren) and Connie-Mae and Olivia (great-great-grandchildren).

Arrangements by F.E. Addlesee and Son.