Mrs Valerie Prew

VALERIE Prew, of Tennyson Close, Boston, has died.

She was 72.

Born at Pilgrim Hospital, she lived in this area her whole life.

Divorced, she is survived by daughters Yendis, Kylie and Corrina, sisters Maureen and Carol and grandchildren Chelsea, Maison, Sienna, Poppea and Jorja.

During her life she enjoyed playing bingo at the Gliderdrome, shopping, reading and watching athletics.

Mrs Prew’s funeral was followed by cremation. The service was lead by Canon Robin Whitehead.

Chief family mourners were: Yendis, Kylie and Corrina (daughters), Aaron (son-in-law), Maureen and Carol (sisters), John Baxter (brother-in-law), Josh and Maison (grandsons), Chelsea (granddaughter) and various nieces and nephews and cousins.

Arrangements F.E. Addlesee and Son.