Mrs Yvonne Mary Hasnip

Yvonne Hasnip for obit 09-05-12.
Yvonne Hasnip for obit 09-05-12.

YVONNE Mary Hasnip, of Sutterton, has died at Pilgrim Hospital following a short illness.

She was 66.

Born in Boston, she lived in the area for her entire life.

A married woman, she leaves behind husband Micheal, sons Darren, Paul and Lee, stepson David and grandchildren Daniel, Jasmine and Kayleigh.

During her working life she was a machinist at Fogarty. She also worked as a midwife at Nocton Hall, Metheringham, with the WRAF, then at DD Moses before moving to Tinsley, where she was forced to retire through illness.

Away from work she enjoyed bingo, dancing, reading, puzzles and going to Chapel St Leonards for holidays with her grandchildren.

Mrs Hasnip’s funeral took place at Sutterton Church and was followed by interment in Sutterton Cemetery. The service was officiated by the Rev J. Dumat.

Chief family mourners were: Micheal Hasnip (husband), Darren Blow and Karen and Paul Blow and Sadie (sons and partners), Lee and Dee Hasnip (son and daughter-in-law), David and Suzy (stepson and wife), Daniel Callaghan (grandson), Jasmine Hasnip-Wood and Kayleigh Blow (granddaughters), June and Walter Tempest (sister-in-law and brother-in-law) and Dorothy Brogden (cousin).

Arrangements by F. E. Addlesee and Son.