Murder accused told friend ‘I’ve done it’ - jury hears

Lincoln Crown Court.
Lincoln Crown Court.

A friend of the man accused of beating a car wash worker to death has told a jury that the accused man later told her “I’ve done it”.

Julija Kovalenko, who was a friend of both Audrius Zauka and his late wife, said she saw victim Sigitas Kirkickas lying next to a radiator in the kitchen of Zauka’s home in Ingelow Avenue, Boston.

She told the jury at Lincoln Crown Court today (Thursday) that she asked: “What have you done? Who’s done it? You are mad. You’re like beasts.”

Ms Kovalenko said that Zauka responded to her saying: “It’s me. I’ve done it. I’ll sort him out. Don’t panic. I’ll sort it out and I’ll answer for it.”

The witness initially did not mention the matter during her evidence but then revealed the conversation during further questioning after she was shown her original police statement by prosecuting barrister William Harbage QC.

Mr Harbage suggested to her that she deliberately missed out details of the discussion when giving evidence earlier to the jury. But she responded “No. Not in any case. I’ve been answering the questions in the way you are asking them. Now I see it in front of me it’s true.”

Ms Kovalenko told the jury that the day after the body of Mr Kirkickas was discovered she was arrested by police on suspicion of murder and was interviewed on five occasions over 72 hours before being released without charge.

She said she was a friend of both Zauka and his wife Ilona Kriscuinaite, who passed away two days before the death of Mr Kirkickas, and told the jury that when the couple argued Zauka would sleep at her house on the sofa,

Another witness Skaiste Juozapaitiene, who was at the house with her husband and baby when Mr Kirkickas arrived said that she saw Zauka punch Mr Kirkickas.

She told the jury: “When he got inside Audrius punched him to the head. He fell on the floor. As soon as he punched him we left. All of us.”

Sigitas Kirkickas, 53, suffered brain damage and more than 30 bone fractures after he was allegedly kicked, stamped on and beaten by Zauka.

Zauka, 41,of Ingelow Avenue, Boston, denies the murder of Mr Kirkickas on October 23, 2015. He denies he was responsible and says his two lodgers were to blame for the killing.

Evidence from yesterday (Wednesday) can be read here.

The trial continues.