Murder trial jury shown blood stain photographs

Lincoln Crown Court.
Lincoln Crown Court.

A murder trial jury were today (Monday) shown photographs of blood staining found in the Boston house where a man was allegedly beaten to death.

Sigitas Kirkickas, 51, is alleged to have been punched, kicked and stamped on moments after arriving at the Ingelow Avenue home of his fellow Lithuanian, Audrius Zauka.

A jury at Lincoln Crown Court has been told Mr Kirkickas suffered more than 80 injuries and died from head and chest injuries. Zauka denies he was responsible for the killing.

Forensic scientist Penelope Griffiths told the jury she was asked by Lincolnshire Police to attend the scene in Ingelow Avenue on 24 October, last year.

She was told it was believed Mr Kirkickas had died at the scene and that two belts were found on or near his body together with a sheet.

The forensic scientist, who has 23 years experience, told the jury she noted blood in various different locations in the kitchen of the property.

They included ‘impact blood spatter’ on the side of a base kitchen unit near the rear door which extended on to the door frame, spots and splashes on the kitchen door itself and downward drips to the right of the door on the wall.

Blood was also found on a kitchen radiator with “heavy blood staining” in front of the radiator and and on items of clothing.

The jury were then shown photographs of inside the kitchen which showed the alleged blood distributions.

Asked if it was possible that blood could be transferred to an attacker the forensic scientist replied: “Yes, blood can be transferred to the assailant, their clothing, nearby surfaces or any weapon used.”

Zauka, 41,of Ingelow Avenue, Boston, denies the murder of Mr Kirkickas on 23 October 2015.

The trial continues.

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