Musicians buy Boston’s marina

Paul Thompson, Rowena Thompson, Iaan Wilson - Boston Gateway Marina
Paul Thompson, Rowena Thompson, Iaan Wilson - Boston Gateway Marina

A pair of musicians with a passion for boating have launched a new venture, purchasing the marina in Boston.

After spending some time at Boston Marina in 2013 on their motor cruiser, Rowena and Paul Thompson from Bedfordshire, jumped at the chance to buy it when they saw it was up for sale in the spring.

“We first stayed at the marina after getting stranded there in bad weather,” said Rowena. “But we loved it immediately so when we saw that it was up for sale we thought it would be an opportunity too good to miss.

“It is a long term investment for us. While we both still work full-time now, we hope to get more involved in the day-to-day running of it in the future.”

Situated on the east bank of the River Witham, the marina has 50 berths which are available 12 months a year, serviced with water and electric connections.

Since buying the property, Rowena and Paul have renamed the site Boston Gateway Marina.

“The marina is very much the gateway to the North Sea, and for some of our visitors we are the last stop they make before heading out across the ocean to travel to Europe and beyond,” said Rowena. “We have made a few improvements including the addition of benches, barbeques and hanging baskets so our visitors enjoy their last stop in the UK – and look forward to coming back to see us on their return.”

The marina was marketed by property consultants Bruton Knowles.